A total of 41 Escambia County citizens have applied for the 5 remaining seats on the Escambia Children’s Trust governing board. What an amazing show of support!

According to this blog post by County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh, the citizens will be selected at the Feb. 18, 2021 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. The list of names is available on the blog post, but here is how Commissioner Bergosh describes the process that will unfold later this month:

“At our next meeting on the 18th of this month—each commissioner will select two names from this list as their selectees.

The total of 10 names produced by this process will be pulled from the list, and each commissioner will select five additional names from the reduced list of 31 names.

The top five candidates from this secondary selection process will be added to the 10 names previously selected by the board members individually, for a total of 15 selectees which will then be sent to Governor DeSantis.”

After that, the matter resides in the Governor’s Appointments Office. This unit supports the Governor in meeting his major obligation to appoint qualified, representative and appropriate people to a large number of important leadership roles throughout the State.

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