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Policy Manual and Ethics

Policies and Ethics

The Escambia Children’s Trust maintains a high standard of ethics and is guided by the following documents.

Conflict of Interest Statement

(Cited from the Adopted Policies Manual; Article VII)

A.    Members of the Board shall avoid entering into contracts or agreements involving, directly or indirectly, members of the Trust in a manner that would be, or give the appearance of being, a conflict of interest.

B.    Members of the Board will, prior to voting on a funding issue, which involves any program or agency in which they participate as an employee or member of the governing authority, disclose their interest in said program or agency and file a disclosure statement.

C.    Members of the Board will comply with all Florida statutes relating to “conflicts of interest,” which includes Part III of § 112, Fla. Stat.

D.    No member shall serve as a staff member of any agency when more than 10% of the agency’s budget is provided by the Escambia Children’s Trust, and no portion of a member’s salary may be paid by the Escambia Children’s Trust funds.

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