Strategic Planning Facilitation ITB
Q & A

  • Question: Should we consider the current strategic plan as a starting point, or plan to start from scratch?
  • Answer: While you should be familiar with the current plan, you may start from scratch – keeping in mind that the projects funded under this year’s plan will be continuing for the next 2-3 years. You do not have to follow the same format of the current plan.
  • Question: What do you mean by Town Halls? Are these presentations to celebrate and share the plan? Or are these looking for community feedback prior to Board approval?
  • Answer: The Town Hall sessions are intended to engage the community in setting our strategic priorities for the next three years. We have a Needs Assessment that lays out the issues of highest concern in our community along with 24 baseline indicators. We sought community input to determine the highest needs. We now want to get community input to identify which of those needs we should tackle next.
  • Question: Can you please clarify what you mean by “Develop alternatives for consideration by the Board in order to arrive at a final strategic plan?
  • Answer: This was included in the ITB to ensure that the selected provider is prepared to work closely with the Board and offer options for any components the Board wishes to change as the plan is developed. We want the final strategic plan to be a result of two-way communication throughout the process.

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